Committed organisations

Committed organisations integrate consumer involvement throughout every level of their organisation, service or group.

Organisations which are committed to involving consumers demonstrate the following:

a)  Governance:

a governance structure which incorporates principles, values and elements of consumer participation

b)  Cultural engagement:

active involvement of people with respect to their cultural needs, and targeted approaches aimed at those culturally diverse communities whose outcomes are poorer

c)  Clear objectives:

consumer involvement which has clear objectives in Terms of Reference, policies and procedures

d)  Resources and support:

consumers are explicitly resourced and supported to be effectively engaged

e)  Education and training:

consumers are provided with appropriate training and development opportunities; staff are trained to strengthen their understanding of the benefits of consumer involvement

f)   Facilitation:

active facilitation and coordination of consumer involvement activities, including consumer feedback and participation in organisational strategy

g)  Research, data and evaluation:

consumer involvement activities are monitored; involvement strategies are researched and evaluated for quality improvement and benchmarking.