Capable consumers

Capable consumers have developed knowledge from their experience and are able to represent the views of others.
The key characteristics of a capable consumer are:

  1. Consumer experience:
    consumers have an experience of cancer either as a patient, carer, family member or survivor
  2. Consumer motivation:
    consumers are motivated to participate in a largely voluntary role to improve outcomes for others
  3. Consumer capability to meet the environment:
    consumers develop their skills and capabilities to meet the requirements of the role
  4. Consumer understanding of context:
    consumers develop an understanding of the health context where they are involved, and the types of consumer involvement
  5. Learning and development:
    consumers undertake learning and development opportunities, including conference and forum attendance and co-authoring  journal articles, to build their expertise in consumer participation
  6. Consumer support and networks:
    consumers seek support through connections with consumer organisations, networks and support groups
  7. Consumer mentoring:
    consumers encourage and support other consumers to actively participate and develop in the role of consumer representative
  8. Consumer knowledge, skills and experience
    for consumers