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Increasingly, people affected by cancer and the broader community are seeking to be active participants in decision-making about their health.

Evidence suggests that involving consumers leads to improved health outcomes, a more trusted health system and a more satisfied workforce.

Based on the principles of the National Framework for Consumer Involvement in Cancer Control, Cancer Australia has developed web-based practical tools to assist, CEOs and Executives, Service Managers, Health Professionals, Researchers, Policy Makers and Consumers to actively engage with consumers around a shared focus and vision. Implementing the Framework and subsequent benefits that come from consumer involvement is only a click away....These tools take you there!

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Involving consumers leads to better cancer care

Cancer Australia has released promotional resources aimed at encouraging greater engagement between people affected by cancer and providers of cancer care.

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National Framework for Consumer Involvement in Cancer Control

The National Framework for Consumer Involvement in Cancer Control (the Framework) is a pathway, a means to developing lasting partnerships with consumers. It answers the question: "HOW do I engage with consumers?"

This Toolkit enables people across Australia to easily follow that pathway as they begin or continue their work with consumers.

Click on an area of the Framework for more information.

Download The National Framework for Consumer involvement in Cancer Control

Capable Consumers

How can you help consumers develop the knowledge, skills and experience required?

Consumers are supported, trained and selected for their capability to engage meaningfully and advocate effectively for people affected by cancer. Bringing their knowledge and experience as a person diagnosed with cancer, a carer, a family member or survivor leads to increased experiential learning for all engaged.

Consumers who are trained and well prepared are able to look beyond their personal experience and provide a broad consumer perspective, and represent the views of those unable to represent themselves or those with poor outcomes

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Committed Organisations

Is your organisation ready to work with consumers?

Committed organisations demonstrate commitment to meaningful consumer engagement by integrating consumer involvement in all aspects of organisational strategic and operational goals, processes and systems.

Organisations that are ready to work with consumers have inclusive leadership and governance structures that encourage consumer involvement through communication, resourcing, support, evaluation and benchmarking.

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Inclusive Groups

Does your organisation have inclusive groups that understand the value of each member of the team?

Effective consumer engagement occurs in groups or teams and, therefore, education of those teams in the benefits and practicalities of consumer engagement is important.

Professionals who understand the value of consumer engagement have access to educational opportunities where they learn how to incorporate the consumer experience into their activities.

Leaders in the organisation can assist by championing the benefits of consumer engagement and by involving consumers as respected, equal members of the team. This will encourage well-developed, mature and effective groups.

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Shared Focus

Does your organisation have a shared focus and vision?

Shared focus involves consumers and professionals supported by best practice systems and processes, working together to act for mutual benefit. The purpose, goals and outcomes of the group are well described and understood by all participants.

Building knowledge and best practice together and implementing evaluation strategies for continuous improvement draws all four elements together in a process that integrates and leads to a shared focus and vision.

This element draws all elements together to focus on outcomes.

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